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Books Plus

Turning Ideas Into Accomplishment

A dynamic comprehensive resource for the next generation of thought leaders, Book Plus transforms your ideas and energy into brilliant top-drawer content and broad public recognition. Through a unique fusion of cross-platform publishing and promotion, we help take you from being a respected relatively unknown expert to becoming an acclaimed and sought after authority in your field.

Led by a dynamic team of publishing, public relations, writing and marketing veterans, Book Plus provides the ultimate training and support for thinkers and organizations with new talents and insights, helping them shape their key messages, reach and influence a wide audience, and rise to the very top of their respective professions.

Book Plus is for budding thought leaders who think their ideas have potential as well as for experts with rising public platforms who seek strategic advice on how best to hone their messages to go beyond their already established audience.

The Book Plus process begins with a dialogue, assessing each client's ideas in depth and advising them on how to transform their expertise into breakthrough thinking that will reach a large, influential audience. Publishing and public relations experts work with the client to review and revision their ideas so that they'll captivate publishers and news media, peers and opinion makers, target constituencies as well as the broader general public.

Next, Book Plus conducts an audit of each client's core content, and counsels them on how to bring their ideas together to create strong, colorful messages that showcase their most unique strengths in the most favorable and powerful way. We create vibrant, provocative concepts that, working together, can have a combined impact far superior to content developed independently.

Then, we advise clients on how to develop public ownership of their core messages and intellectual property through a program of vigorous multi-platform publishing and promotion. We help them create books, e-books, white papers, downloadable audio, streamed video, blogs and social media. We work to prepare all of these materials—researching, drafting and editing them at the highest levels of quality—then help our clients distribute and publicize them across all media and formats to achieve maximum value and impact. We have deep, long-established relationships with all the major professional and trade publishers, film and television producers and studios, e-book producers and distributors, and top journalists and editors at all the most important newspapers, magazines, and websites nationwide.

By giving each project ongoing, highly individualized publishing, promotional, and marketing support, Book Plus offers its clients a uniquely robust and transformational service, changing ideas into bestselling books, private expertise into public thought leadership, general professional recognition into major international renown.

For more information on Book Plus, contact Esmond Harmsworth.